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World Down Syndrome Day

The United Nations General Assembly designated March 21 as World Down Syndrome Day as of 2012.

Down syndrome is not a disease; it is a natural genetic condition caused by the alteration of chromosomes, which has always been part of the human condition and exists worldwide. It occurs more frequently in women who become pregnant after 35 years of age.

People with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to enjoy a full life, both on equal terms with others, as well as in all other aspects of society without any distinction or discrimination.

There are many Down Associations in different places that join together to celebrate this day and thus pay tribute to all people with this genetic alteration in the world.   

Care for people with this condition focuses on helping them develop their full potential with speech, occupational and physical therapy, in order to contribute to educational, occupational and social inclusion.

The intervention of a child with Down syndrome should preferably be in the first days of life. The difference between a child attended at an early age and a child who is supported late in life is the opportunity to maximize his or her development.

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