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Why is it important to invest in the image of your business?

The image will help your business position itself in the mind of your customer. Currently, we meet SMART CONSUMERS who are consumers who use their mobile phones to stay connected. They are also those who seek information before making a purchase.

Each visit from end consumers will help position the business and evaluate it based on the experience it had.

In addition, each experience will be related to the image that the brand had, that is, if we do not have a corporate or well-known image, the user may not be able to remember it.

So what should I do first?

In this new era, where digital media serve as the main contact with your customers, it is important to have a solid graphic identity so that it contributes to the image and positioning that you seek for your brand.

For this, it is necessary to have a graphic identity manual that allows determining the use of logos, banners, merchandising and other tools used.

Keep a graphic line with a brand manual.

It’s important that the brand has a reference guide to correctly use the graphic elements. Here are some important points that the manual should have:

  • A logo: It’s the symbol with which your clients will be able to identify you. It would be ideal to have different uses of the logo depending on the media in which they are used.
  • A color palette: Determine the main and secondary colors that you will use in your publications, brochure and other publications.
  • A typeface or font: Fonts also help reinforce the style of the brand and are the complement to your graphic tools. The ideal are 3 types of fonts.
  • An iconography: According to the graphic line, it’s important to have icons that you can use and are adapted to the style of the brand.
  • A personality: It’s important to determine the characteristics of the brand and its personality to build around it and give it a brand voice.

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