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Traditional marketing hand in hand with digital marketing

We incorporate traditional marketing in our day to day lives through advertisement brochures, door hangers, magazines, press, banners, television and radios. These have not disappeared completely, they are not a part of the digital marketing family. 

For the most part, digital marketing focuses on strategies in a direct manner with the client. The internet is the form of communication, it allows people to get in contact with companies through search engines, creates interactions with users who have digital platforms and connects you to apps for your phones and tablets.

The most well known forms of digital marketing nowadays are the announcements that appear in social media like Youtube, Instagram or Facebook, or when visiting a website an advertisement will pop up based on your search.

Social media isn’t very popular within the older age group. On the other hand, younger generations are on social media all the time and up to date with the latest platforms and apps that appear. If a marketing campaign is reached by both companies, it’s more likely that the brand will be successful and the customers will feel satisfied with the service they received.

Traditional Marketing

  • The number of people that reach television, radio and press, without a doubt, is its greatest potential
  • This is fully focused on the physical product that speaks about its characteristics and benefits
  • We can experience it by simply going to a mall and seeing the products that you wish to purchase directly in person
  • Requires more investment. In order to reach the customers, they should spend more money to print brochures, flyers, etc.
  • It’s not easy to measure its impact because you can’t get access to data that allows you to make that study automatically.

Digital Marketing

  • In constant renovation: experience by seeing the progress of announcements compared to years before
  • Focuses on getting to know the interests and needs of the customer
  • The results of the strategies are easy to measure out, the access to the information altogether is unlimited
  • Requires the use of digital platforms and internet access to reach the target audience

How do they work together?

For example, if you wish to instantly add to your sales, placing a sign on the door that gives its customers a discount they can’t miss out on by should be enough so people see it while they’re passing by.

It’s wrong to think that both way for marketing shouldn’t combine, you’d lose great benefits now that the two can coexist with a great impact. No matter the service, this era of technology offers many positive things, but also it’s important to remember that these things don’t exclude the traditional marketing strategies but can strengthen them instead.

Detourmaps is a company that knows how to implement traditional marketing with digital marketing with their door hanger program which is printed and distributed on door handles in more than 20,000 houses of different communities of Chicago. Door hangers have exclusive promotions from local businesses that can be claimed in person or online through your smartphone or tablet with the help of the QR code, which more broadly supports the local trade of these neighborhoods.

That is how businesses have been successful in combining tips of marketing in a organized manner and efficiently reaching a great amount of users and customers.

If you want your business to grow quickly and reach a good amount of potential customers, we recommend using these options together to be able to have a better impact with the public objective.

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