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The best distribution for advertising your business

When you think of advertising, the first things that might come to your mind are social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, influencers, websites, or paid ADS, basically all the classic and dominant online marketing strategies.

However, in an overconnected world, we should not ignore offline marketing, that one outside our devices’ screens, and that makes us connect with real people.

But why is it important if we already have digital tools that are way more immediate? Because we cannot forget that there is a real world in which brands and companies can also interact directly with customers.

That is why today we want to talk to you about two resources that can help you save costs and increase your reach if you use them well: Door Hangers and Direct Mail with Postcards.


What is a Door Hanger?

You have surely seen this before, but you had not considered it as a tool to promote your business; it is a printed piece placed on homes and establishments.

Although it is more common to see it in hotel rooms with phrases like “Do not disturb” or “Please Clean My Room,” nowadays, it can be used as an advertising space to show businesses.


Door Hanger’s advantages for companies

  • This piece is strategically placed in various places in the city (including the businesses that appear in the design) to share special offers that customers can access just by scanning the QR code.
  • It is a simple way to be closer to the neighbors since the brand will be visible in the places they visit the most. It’s like using a billboard, but on a smaller scale and much easier to read and check the different offers.
  • It helps you to save money because, if it is shared with other companies, they will also share the cost of printing and distribution.
  • You will combine efforts through the offline and online world since everyone who sees the piece will surely take a photo to save the discount or go directly to your website.


What is Direct Mail with Postcards?

Before talking about Direct Mail, we must first understand the concept of Direct Marketing: this refers to marketing strategies carried out directly to the client.

In this case, it is necessary to have some data or a personal address to establish communication with the target audience; some of the most used channels are emails, newsletters, telephone calls, SMS messages, brochures, catalogs, and Postcards (or postcards).

These last 3 are generally sent through traditional mail, which reaches people’s homes or workplaces.

And you will surely ask yourself: “Why should I use a traditional tool if I can send an email and that’s it?”, Well…

According to the 2019 HubSpot Global Survey: “35% of marketers choose to send between 3 and 5 emails per week to their customers”; this refers to a single brand or company, so imagine the number of emails an average person can receive if they subscribe to at least 5 other.

We live in the information overload era, which is not necessarily negative, but it means more competition.

And what about traditional media? There is a gap that can be seen as an OPPORTUNITY.

That is why taking advantage of mail to send offers and advertising material will make you stand out from the rest; while also maintaining your online strategies.

In this article, we will focus especially on the Postcard since its format is the most similar to the Door Hanger.

Postcard’s advantages for companies

  • Like the Door Hanger, you will be able to share costs with other businesses and save money.
  • In this type of advertising, you will not have to worry about the design since the agency takes care of that part.
  • Unlike emails, you do not run the risk of falling into a “spam box” since your Postcard will arrive directly at the person’s address.
  • You will be able to capture your customers’ interest since you will send them special information (such as offers and discounts) that feels personalized.
  • And finally, as we mentioned a few paragraphs above, the competition is currently low in this format, so take advantage of it!


If you are interested in either of these two tools, do not hesitate to contact us: to start implementing them in your business.


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