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During 2020, we were all witnesses to earth breathing in each corner of the world. Waters became crystal clear and animals roamed the streets with the thought that their territory had returned to them. Our planet became healthier, alive, in contrast to what its inhabitants are living, a pandemic that gave us the opportunity to reflect and understand the responsibility we should bare in order to go through the survival of this planet. And perhaps, this celebration of International Earth Day will be much more significant to us.

On April 22 in 1970, 20 million people came out onto the streets from the main cities in the United States to protest for the damage that human activity was causing in our environment. It’s been 51 years and the argument has been agonizing. Yes, of course, there’s been international agreements through the National Union Organization (ONU), over the use of clean energy, protection and resources needed to face these environmental issues, less use of plastic, steps to take to reduce the carbon footprint, achieve the management of our intake of water, protection of the ozone layer, along with many others; Professionals assure that there is a countdown in process and the effects have already taken place: Hurricanes, overheating, frosts, devastating fires, and sea full of plastic, just to name a list of the few. 

That’s how our planet is! That’s why the voices throughout the world should unite with much strength in the next celebration of International Earth Day. Because although our youth has incorporated the terms recycle, reuse, ration, reduce and raise awareness, we’re in constant debt to our earth and the commitment should be spread universally.

  1. Ride a bike or walk, the goal is to use less cars and other vehicles as much as possible.
  2. Don’t waste water.
  3. Consume sustainable products and reduce the intake of meat in your diet. These are the things you can do to avoid overproduction of food and for the most part, reduce the emissions.
  4. Save energy in the house. Unplug!
  5. Buy clothing from thrift stores.
  6. Buy from local businesses.
  7. Use products that aren’t tested on animals.
  8. Avoid only using plastic once.
  9. Use less hot water
  10. Learn how to make a change, permanently. 

We can all be activists for our planet and although Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate are more ahead of us and they have more advantages at hand, our actions together achieve building a bridge between the gap and we can recover our home for all species that live on it. Want to celebrate April 22nd? Start now

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