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New digital marketing tools from Detourmaps

For a few years now, we’ve been living in a world surrounded by screens. You can find them everywhere. So, why not make them into allies? With just one click on your mobile device you can get more clients, new visits and overall increase your sales. How? With new digital tools that Detourmaps brings you.

Within these new digital tools you can find: mailing campaigns, digital menus with no contact, marketing campaigns, virtual stores, square marketing, and an endless list of metaphors that guarantee your local business’ expansion at the pace you desire. If you bet on our professionals, knowledge and experiences will allow your sales to increase and above all, let you strive in the competition.

Get to know the new digital marketing tools here: 

  • Mailing campaigns: Having a database on your clients is very useful. The option to send a large amount of emails to reach each customer and establish a connection with them can put you in a better position to increase your sales. The content of the email and an attractive design is our best tool
  • Online stores: Facebook and Instagram have become very efficient tools for businesses which is why they’ve created a virtual store that is completely free and simple for businesses. You can find your store through announcements, web pages and stories. With a job well done by e-commerce, you can also increase your sales.
  • Digital Menu: The customer can scan the QR code which will open in their mobile device and in a matter of seconds they will have access to the restaurant’s menu. Very easy!
  • Marketing campaigns: Attaining a good segment and knowledge of your public objective, type of strategy and knowledge on the data. Your business will have attained new customers with publicity
  • Square Marketing: It’s a new and easy form which is effective for generating popularity in your store. This type of tool will bring you a preorganized list of customers that have already visited your store which allows you to break down the adequate audience with the correct message since the first day. You can create events, attract more customers with a special offer and capture their attention with the menu of the week, etc.

Each business needs to have a marketing tool that is your ally in the process of expansion. Don’t let the opportunity of growing in the digital world pass. Be a part of these new digital ways. Reach more clients!

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