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Interesting data about your health

We know that physical and mental health is very important to our lives. The brain orders and organizes the body functions and generates our emotions. It’s why we give you some curious facts that you should know about your body:

  1. A fact that you may not know is that flatulence causes a release of pressure in the body and this is healthy.
  2. Sitting for too long can take years off your life. If you don’t want this to happen to you, we recommend doing exercises to get fit.
  3. If you suffer a lot from back pain, swimming is a very good option.
  4. If you sometimes feel very tired, take a 60-minute nap. This will help you to repair your tiredness. If you don’t have much time, you can do it for 20 minutes. A short nap should not exceed this time, otherwise it will disrupt your sleep and wake up tired.
  5. Laughing helps improve your mood and is also like working out on a treadmill. Smiling burns calories and maintains a healthy state of mind.
  6. Depression can make you age faster.
  7. To smile you only need to move 8 muscles, while to get angry and frown you need to move 34. Now you know which is better. Always smile 😀
  8. Mental disorders can have many consequences such as suffering from other diseases.
  9. Most people who have severe psychological disorders or problems tend to be rejected by society.
  10. According to experts, it was found that heart attacks occur more on Mondays than other days due to the stress of returning to work.

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