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Thanksgiving  and Christmas are two well-known holidays that are celebrated near the end of the year. Both days may seem similar because they are associated with joy, family gatherings and dinners that are prepared for family celebrations, but there are many differences between these holidays.

This holiday season begins on the fourth Thursday of November with the celebration of Thanksgiving and ends on January 6. Due to the multiculturalism we have in the United States, there are many different customs to celebrate these holidays.

November marks Native American Heritage Month and begins a gentle countdown to Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, when the holiday arrives many Native Americans are thankful that autumn is about to end.

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November a national holiday, and called it Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving remembers the Pilgrims (people who came to the United States on the Mayflower) who sat down with the Native Americans to give thanks for the good harvest. It is celebrated here in the United States and Canada to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest received the previous year.

As for the celebration of Christmas, being one of the main holidays of the year, it is customary to place flashy decorations that flood streets and homes, with multicolored lights, (since much importance is given to the decoration of the houses) Christmas decorations, towering pine trees, mistletoe and socks for Santa Claus, a character with a big belly and a long white beard that gives gifts to children who behaved well. During Christmas, families gather to celebrate and exchange gifts with each other, some on the same day at 12.00  and others the next morning. Gifts are often placed under the tree.

Stores stay open late into the night for all families to buy last minute gifts. On the 25th  begins with the little ones opening the presents left for them by Santa Claus.

The natural Christmas tree is a tradition that is used as a kind of family ritual, which says that the woman who receives a kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve will find the love she is looking for or keep the one she already has. Christmas is also characterized by the preparation of eggnog or Eggnog and the traditional gingerbread cookies with all kinds of Christmas shapes: stars, trees, snowmen, etc.

In both of them, it is a day of thanksgiving, when families take the opportunity to get together and prepare different dishes, salads and desserts. It is a reason for much happiness and family togetherness. So whatever the reason for the meeting, it is always good to get together with our loved ones on these special dates.

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