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5. Move along your company using these apps

Organize your personal brand with these applications that help create a stronger connection with your team and manage all your projects.

For meetings

If you’re looking to maintain your professional or business meetings, we share with you some applications you can try out to continue them:


You can connect with a maximum of 100 people, record the session and share your screen. Additionally, its free version allows you 40 minutes of uninterrupted transmission.

Google Hangouts + Google Meet (Hangouts will just be a chat)

If you have a small team, this is the app for you. It allows up to 10 users on smartphones and 15 users on the computer version. To use it you only need to have a google account. Hangouts is specifically used for chat and Google Meet is used only for video calls.


Skype allows you to communicate with home and mobile numbers. It also offers shared screens and private chats. You can also host a video conference with up to 50 people.


Facetime can connect you with up to 32 people in group calls and all you need is to have the iOS 12 update available for your phone.

Manage your projects

If you want your team to be more organized, here are some tools that you can utilize to organize your work, share documents, and much more. 


Trello organizes your teams tasks and in addition, arranges them by priorities. You will also be able to observe the progress of each of the members. 


Using slack you can gather your workers through the channels of the designated project. Additionally, you can integrate other tools like Gmail, Google Drive and others, which allows you to view important documents on the same platform.

Google Drive

Google drive allows you to store things in the cloud, modify the document in real time and co-create with others. All you need is a google account.


Dropbox allows you to gather your files in the cloud and organize them as well as share them to your team.

Google Calendar

On Google Calendar you can organize your meetings and other pending events in a calendar so you don’t forget anything.


Teamviewer is an app that allows you to have remote access to your other computers and servers. You can control them from anywhere that has access to WiFi.


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