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We want to get closer to your neighborhood in a fun way so that you can enjoy the experiences you like and that you can also access the offers that we have prepared for you at com Pay attention!

What are ORANGE DEALS? The color of fun!

This is a promotional program created by DetourMaps to provide communities with different options, such as earning benefits when shopping at the local businesses we promote on our website.  These are free and easy to use: Fresh Buys, Free Gifts, Save 10 and 5 visits. 

What are Fresh Buys? Long live the coupons! 

Fresh Buys are coupons and offers from different local businesses that we have on our platform to make it easier for you to save, such as restaurants, stores and other businesses in your community. Find items and services at 10% – 50% off. Plus, coupons are available in print and digital – choose, earn and save quickly and easily! 

What are Free Gifts? It’s so easy to earn! 

Earning rewards is so easy and simple for being a loyal customer. Visit participating businesses and make a certain amount of purchases to qualify for free items that will be determined by the participating business. Anniversaries, holidays and special occasions are also considered – you’ll love it! 

What is a 5 visits program? We know you have a favorite business! 

Get a free gift once you’ve completed 5 purchases at your favorite business. If you’re the type of person who buys products or services daily or often at the same store, you’ll find this amazing rewards program just for you. Organize your shopping list and get everything you need at your favorite store! 

What is Save 10? The best buy with a good discount! 

The logic of this savings is that you buy a minimum of 40, 50 or 60 at participating stores and in this way you will save 10. For your better understanding; each minimum purchase is identified with a color: 40 for yellow, 50 with red or 60 with blue. Please note that our printed maps serve as a guide for these offers and you will be able to identify those stores that are participating in Ahorra 10.  On our platform, find the banner and save. 

How do I find the deals?

Deals can be found on our website on the neighborhoods, deals or businesses page or on the homepage of participating businesses. First, you must log in to or create an account with us in order to access the offers and claim your coupons. 

How do I redeem deals?

Save 10, Fresh Buys, Free Gifts or 05 buys: once logged in, click on the offer you want, select redeem and print or download the offer code and you’re done! Present your offer code to the business within 3 hours of downloading or printing and save it instantly. Mobile version is available, become a user of our platform and get access to the offers you like the most!

What are Experiences? Move your life at your own pace! 

We want to keep up with the changes and be a contribution to your lifestyle, adding activities, information and data that might interest you. Organize your searches and filter them by our new categories: lifestyle, traditions, celebrations and specialties. 

Give color to your life and invite your family and friends to be part of the experiences that you like and motivate you, you can find it all on our platform! 

Lifestyle – Everything you love and identify with! 

Find diverse activities in your community that can benefit your lifestyle and start vibrating with what you like and identify with. Music, art, urban life, sexual diversity, history, gastronomy. Find what you like and be part of that experience that we hope you like and motivate you. 

Traditions – A way to stay connected to your roots and memory! 

In our communities there is a great diversity of countries and customs living and participating with each other. We want to be a meeting point and a catalyst for Europeans, Latinos, Asians and other parts of the world, so you can find information on how to participate in these festivities and special occasions. 


Make every occasion unforgettable and a good time to celebrate. You have the freedom to choose among other filters such as organizing celebrations, anniversaries, special events, cultural festivals, concerts, gastronomic fairs or whatever you wish. 

Specialties: Filter as you wish and enjoy! 

We want you to select the business according to your preferences. “Just because” you prefer a particular business or store, depending on your tastes you can choose different offers and promotions that you should not miss.

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