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Exercises or activities you and your family can partake in during quarantine

With the change in routine due to the coronavirus, children’s productivity like running around or playing physical games has declined.

Sitting down or laying down is starting to take up more hours of the day and it can affect our health in the long run.

Working out not only has positive benefits for your health but they also contribute with feeling more motivation and leaves you with a better, lighter, emotional/psychological state

We recommend these exercises that you can do individually or with your family to keep the flow of physical productivity

For kids:

It’s recommended that kids do exercises for 30 minutes two-three times a day. Always encourage your child not only when they’re playing but to help develop their cognitive system.

Some activities/assets are: taking your pet on a walk (if necessary), skill circuits, and more

For teens:

For teens, it’s recommended to take one hour during the day to do any exercises/activities. 

Some ideas are: Dance/choreography (which are popular at the time), or exercises that are generalized workouts and aerobic activities like jump rope.

For adults:

Partake in physical activities like yoga, dance or other practices which you can find on youtube or other free apps.

Remember to always stretch before starting any workout to avoid injuries

For older people (elderly):

It’s significantly important for older people to stay active with small exercises. For example, get up from wherever you’re sitting and walk a little bit around the house for 5 minutes.You can also do small stretches to release any tension in the muscles.

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