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Deals: your best option in times of crisis

If the pandemic and quarantine taught us anything, it was the need to adapt to trends and new realities so that our brand or company could survive in the market. That is why we are increasingly looking for innovative tools to stand out from the competition and get closer to customers or users.

At Detour Maps, we recognized this need, especially in Chicago, Illinois, and we developed this community platform in which we show entrepreneurs and micro-businesses so that they can promote their products or services with special offers or share advertising costs.

That’s why today we will tell you about the Orange Deals! A program that you can adapt to your business no matter the market niche.


Tools to connect with your customers

Remember that the way to go from an “entrepreneurship” to a “company” is to be in constant evolution. You have to test, evaluate, adjust, and repeat while focusing on the customer’s interest. As long as they are interested in what you have to offer, you can keep growing.

However, part of this process is also offering new things. So, here are 5 tools that are part of our Orange Deals Program that will surely help you.


Smart Buys

This is one of the favorites of almost all customers: discount coupons! We get in touch with the businesses to choose a topic, the duration of the discount, and the percentage or fixed amount. In addition, they can be printed or digital, which functions through a code that customers can bring to the establishment to redeem it.


We all love gifts! And this is the purpose of Freebies, offering a gift to the customers. For those already familiar with the brand, this can generate greater loyalty. For new prospects, it is a great way to show them what you offer. In addition, it can be applied for both products and services and can be redeemed on our page.

10 Off

Like Smart Buys, this is an instant savings program where customers can save $10 on a minimum purchase of $40, $50, or $60. Each business chooses the amount, and we color-code it (yellow, red, and blue, respectively) to make it easier to identify on the platform.

5 visits

Although this strategy is similar to Freebies, it focuses on rewarding loyal and recurring customers. After 5 purchases, they will be able to opt for a special gift and feel that they are being rewarded. In this case, each user must register their purchases or visits to the store on our platform, and once all 5 have been completed, they will receive a coupon to redeem at the store.

E-Gift Card

Just like the gift cards that you can buy in pharmacies and stores, we decided to implement these cards in an electronic format so that they are faster to purchase and send. These are ideal to give to family and friends for different types of celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, incentives, or simply a special detail regardless of the occasion.

Benefits of these strategies

At Detour Maps, we have developed the Orange Deals Program for over 15 years, learning and adapting to crises (which we actually see as opportunities). That is why, beyond the specific characteristics of the “deals,” the most important thing is to be part of a community.

As entrepreneurs or business owners, by choosing any of the programs mentioned above, you will enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Connect practically and directly with community clients and neighbors.
  • You will be supported by our brand.
  • The products and services offered through Orange Deals will be available 24/7 on our website.
  • We encourage local commerce.
  • And we make other marketing efforts to boost our entrepreneurs.

We currently reach the communities of Cicero, Berwyn, Chicago Lawn, and West Lawn. However, if you live elsewhere and are interested in becoming a part of Detour Maps, please contact us here 

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