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Did you know that COVID-19 can stay on metal, glass and plastic surfaces for up to nine days? Here we show you how to clean electronic devices in the form of steps must take to prevent the coronavirus:


What you will need is basic cleaning materials:

  • First, turn off the device and take off the phone case (if you have one). With a microfiber ceramic signature cloth, clean the phone.
  • If you want, you can add a bit of warm water with soap. Apply it carefully and dry it with another cloth.
  • If you find dirt in small ports of the phone, you can remove it with a toothpick or q-tips, do this very carefully.

Clean your keyboard and mouse:

Next to our phones, the keyboard and mouse of our computers are the second things we touch the most. This is also important to disinfect.

You can use disinfecting wipes. Avoid the use of intense cleaning products, that could damage the keyboard//mouse. Remember that the keyboard and mouse are much more delicate than your phone, so it’s important to make sure it’s not too wet.

If you are going to clean a laptop, use the microfiber ceramic signature cloth and a very small amount of water when necessary. Always use carefully to avoid damaging the equipment.

Remember to always keep your equipment clean and follow/practice recommended hygiene to avoid the virus.

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