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During this time of uncertainty, all businesses are affected, especially food businesses, who are at the center of socialization and have to avoid physical contact.

We live in the digital era and the hostelry advances more towards that path.

The new technology brings modern and safer forms of communication. The new DIGITAL MENUS QR aid local-customer communication.

With this type of Digital Menu, any restaurant or business can show their menu to their customers by scanning the QR code. Customers won’t need to have a physical copy of the menu, just the mobile version where each user can have the option of scanning their QR code and have immediate access to the entire menu and services that the business has to offer.

This way, we can avoid customers facing physical contact with the menus which happens more frequently with printed menus. For sanitary purposes, restaurants, hotels and all other types of local businesses must avoid physical contact during these times. 

Some advantages of using a QR Digital Menu

  • Sanitation: Sanitation is the best immediate benefit you get in all types of bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues now that we’re moving into our new normal. The customer can get the menu right away from their mobile device without needing to touch any paper, avoiding physical contact that risks possible illness.
  • More information: The physical menus have a limited amount of space and we can’t always see the full menu. This can be avoided when using digital menus since you can now find the information you need such as photos, videos, ingredients, etc.

Detourmaps adds to this new technology and with its comercial ally they offer their users the option to check out the digital menus from small local business through the QR code. Simply visiting their website can lead you to their menu without having to leave the house. Stop registering in said platform, scan the QR code from your preferred business and you’re all set. Full access to all the information you need.

Detourmaps helps small local businesses from different communities and neighborhoods in Chicago, upfront.

Don’t wait and remember to register on our webpage to get access to these great benefits.

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