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Chicken or beef, which one is healthier?

Both contain proteins that are very present in our diets. However, chicken is one of the best-known foods worldwide, that is why it is very easy to find, and its price is accessible to everyone because it is cheap. It has much less fat than beef.

Most scientists according to various investigations link red meat with a large number of deadly diseases. Even the World Health Organization concludes that we should eat much less red meat.

Chicken is high in protein, its contained fat is healthy, its meat is rich in vitamins and phosphorus, it is a natural antidepressant due to the presence of tryptophan that increases the secretion of serotonin and it is very versatile when preparing it because it has a great variety of delicious and nutritious dishes where it can be used as in soups, entrees, grilled, grilled, etc.

It is important to note that, depending on how it is cooked, this food can lose more or less nutrients. The longer it is cooked, the more nutrients are lost and the less it is cooked, such as grilled, the more it is preserved.

The breast is one of the parts that has the least fat and is recommended when you want to diet: For example, for each 100-gram serving of breast there are less than 200 calories. It does not reach 10% fat and is pure protein.

In several countries, there is a belief that hormones are used in raising chickens, which apart from being a myth is illogical and without foundation.

In the United States, if a company wishes to assure its customers that it does not use hormones, it is required to include on its label the phrase ” The use of hormones and steroids is illegal in poultry farming ” to prevent the consumer from being confused or disappointed. (Reference abc)

The consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, such as sausages, increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and dying prematurely.

According to clinical studies, experts advocate substituting red meat for other foods that provide high-quality protein such as soy, fish, other meats such as chicken, nuts, and dairy). In this way, excess saturated fat and certain carcinogenic substances that are produced when cooking meat, especially beef, are avoided.

Red meat raises uric acid level and causes gout if eaten in excess.

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