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5 ways to calm anxiety during coronavirus pandemic

The confinement and uncertainty that surrounds the Coronavirus has caused the collapse of health systems in many countries and has caused the pause on the majority of outdoor activities. During this time, it’s okay to feel feelings of anxiety and fear.

We’re sharing 5 ways to calm your anxieties:

Examine the facts (Social Media + TV)

See what’s happening in your city or country, steer away from fake news on the internet, try to stay informed with reliable sources and keep in mind all the measures the government is taking. Avoid comparing yourself to other people over how they are reacting to the situation. Also avoid sharing any content that will trigger anxiety on social media.

Identify the source of your anxiety (Job Loss)

It’s important to be able to identify the actions and situations that trigger your anxiety and not only focus on emotion and the problems that arise. This allows you to be able to take care of ourselves and keep a distance from situations that affect you.

Don’t isolate yourself (Only friends & netflix)

Yes, it’s true that we have to follow social distancing, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t communicate. At this moment, it’s important to keep family, friends, and neighbor relationships close. You can always call your friends, hearing their voice and having a conversation will keep you calm.

Take care of yourself (Search healthy routines/health diaries on Youtube or other social media)

At the beginning, we may feel chaos and forget about our daily routines while trying to adapt to social distancing. But it’s important to remember your self-care process.

  • Keep routines that provide comfortability and stability like yoga, meditation or work-outs. It’s also necessary to do things that you like, for example: singing, dancing, etc.
  • Last, but not least, let’s practice being kind to ourselves when it’s hard to keep calm.
  • Remember that fear and anxiety are what makes us human.

Don’t procrastinate or prepare for the worst (Organize your supplies and shopping list, don’t wait till the last minute.)

Anxiety can drive us to act out or simply ignore what’s going on. This can cause the fear/anxiety to increase. It’s recommended to take action on things within our reach. For example, if you fear you’re running out of supplies, make a request for any additional groceries you may need for two weeks. Or if you’re not sure where to ask or how, ask a friend to help you out.

And finally, if you feel that this situation is weighing you down, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or your local organizations. 


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